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Khan Academy Subject Verb Agreement Video

Khan Academy`s Subject Verb Agreement Video: A Comprehensive Guide

Subject verb agreement is a fundamental concept in English grammar, and getting it right is crucial to effective communication. It can make or break your writing, as it affects the clarity, coherence, and credibility of your language. To help students and writers improve their subject verb agreement skills, Khan Academy has released an informative and engaging video that covers the essentials of this topic.

In this article, we will review Khan Academy`s subject verb agreement video, highlighting its key features, benefits, and tips. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a professional writer, you will find this video useful and valuable.

Overview of the Video

The Khan Academy`s subject verb agreement video is a ten-minute tutorial that explains the basic rules and examples of subject verb agreement. The video is presented by a friendly and knowledgeable instructor who uses clear language, relevant examples, and visual aids to illustrate the key concepts.

The video is divided into four sections: Introduction, Basic Rules, Tricky Cases, and Practice. In the Introduction, the instructor defines subject verb agreement and explains its importance. In the Basic Rules section, the instructor covers the three main rules of subject verb agreement: agreement in number, agreement in person, and agreement in tense. The instructor also provides examples of each rule and explains how to apply them correctly.

In the Tricky Cases section, the instructor discusses several challenging cases of subject verb agreement, such as indefinite pronouns, collective nouns, and compound subjects. The instructor shows how to identify and solve these cases using the same principles as the basic rules. In the Practice section, the instructor gives a series of exercises that allow learners to test their understanding and apply their knowledge.

Benefits of the Video

The Khan Academy`s subject verb agreement video offers several benefits to learners, including:

— Clarity: The video uses simple and clear language that makes the concepts easy to understand and follow. The instructor also explains the examples step by step, using visual aids that enhance the clarity and memorability of the content.

— Engagement: The video keeps learners engaged and interested throughout the tutorial, as the instructor uses humor, enthusiasm, and relatable examples to connect with the audience. The video also includes interactive elements, such as quizzes and exercises, that encourage learners to participate actively and learn by doing.

— Variety of topics: The video covers a wide range of topics related to subject verb agreement, including basic rules, tricky cases, exceptions, and practice exercises. This variety allows learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic and develop their skills in different contexts and scenarios.

Tips for Mastering Subject Verb Agreement

To become proficient in subject verb agreement, learners can follow these tips and strategies:

— Practice regularly: Like any skill, subject verb agreement requires practice and repetition to improve. Learners can use online exercises, worksheets, or writing prompts to practice their subject verb agreement skills and identify areas that need improvement.

— Read widely: Reading various texts, such as books, articles, and blogs, can help learners see subject verb agreement in context and understand how it affects different writing styles and genres. Learners can also pay attention to how authors use subject verb agreement to convey meaning and tone.

— Seek feedback: Getting feedback from peers, teachers, or editors can help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses in subject verb agreement and receive suggestions for improvement. Feedback can also provide motivation and accountability for learners to continue learning and practicing.


The Khan Academy`s subject verb agreement video is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their English grammar skills. The video offers clear explanations, relevant examples, and engaging activities that help learners understand and master the concepts of subject verb agreement. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, learners can enhance their subject verb agreement skills and communicate more effectively and professionally.