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Military Legal Aid

Yes. Reservists who have been activated, preparing for deployment, or have recently returned from deployment, and members of the National Guard who have been on active duty for thirty days or more, as well as their family members with DoD ID cards, are eligible for legal assistance. Retired military personnel and their dependents with DoD ID cards are also eligible, subject to resource availability. Legal advisors can provide you with legal advice and assistance in a number of areas of law, including: If you need to draft your will, consider signing a lease, or need a power of attorney or notarized signature, you will need legal assistance and, best of all, military personnel and their families will have access to legal assistance. absolutely free! Veterans are not eligible for these services. In general, legal assistance is provided to the following groups: You must first contact your nearest military legal aid office to make an appointment. Don`t JUST ask for help from the legal aid office closest to your department. Each military legal aid office provides free legal assistance to authorized personnel, regardless of their branch of service. For example, a Marine can get legal advice from an Army JAG, just as a soldier can get legal advice from a Marine JAG.

Each military service has specific rules on the amount of legal assistance it provides. For more information, please contact your legal advisory office. The military pension system may be the best, but good planning is necessary to ensure you can retire. Yes. There are also legal areas where military legal advisors may NOT be able to help you, including: If you are a low-income veteran or low-income member of the service and need legal assistance, call the Georgia Legal Services Program at 1-833-GLSPLaw or 1-833-457-7529 or apply online at GLSP.org. Visit the Armed Forces Legal Assistance website. This website contains a postal code-based locator. Even if you don`t live near military installations, start with the locator. There may be a smaller legal aid office nearby that you are not familiar with. If there is no legal aid office in your area, consider contacting a local legal clinic, which is often sponsored by law schools and offers free legal advice to military personnel. Another option is to contact your local legal aid office or bar association to find out if you offer free or low-cost services for military personnel.

Finally, find out if your Attorney General`s office offers free civilian legal services to military personnel. You can consult the list of individual statuses of these programs in our program directory. Legal officers are members of the Judges-Advocate General (JAG) Corps. JAGs can offer assistance in legal and non-legal areas such as contract law, immigration law, divorce, wills, notarial services, etc. The ABA`s Military Pro Bono Project offers lawyers two ways to assist military families: (1) register to stay informed about volunteer representation opportunities for military personnel; and (2) register with Operation Stand-By to receive calls or emails from military lawyers or other pro bono lawyers who require lawyer-to-lawyer advice. For this type of legal issue, you should contact a civil attorney for help. In our program directory, you will find programs in your area that you can connect with a civil lawyer. Legal aid staff are located on almost every base, every ship and every facility. If you have trouble finding legal aid, you can find the office near you by visiting one of the following websites: Military legal assistance may also be available to survivors of eligible military personnel and retirees, certain foreign civilian employees and their family members, and allied forces serving in the United States. CONUS Armed Forces and their family members. Contact your nearest military legal aid office for more information on eligibility.

Yes. You are entitled to the same services as those provided to active staff – subject to the availability of lawyers. Active staff, especially those in the younger ranks and those preparing to deploy, is a top priority. Many civil cases can be handled by a military lawyer at no cost to soldiers. Civil matters include landlord-tenant disputes, wills and trusts, family law (including divorce, separation, custody and child support), naturalization, consumer matters (including debt collection, consumer fraud, identity theft), powers of attorney, extended medical directives (living wills) and affirmation of your rights under the Military Civil Assistance Act. The following questions and answers are intended to give you some tips on these topics. Call 855-452-3526 to speak with a lawyer if you are a veteran, military member, National Guard member, reservist, spouse or dependant in need of civilian legal assistance. Click below to call and speak to a lawyer for free! There is no charge for services provided by military legal aid firms. All services provided by military legal counsel are free of charge for eligible personnel. If your legal problem involves costs or fees (such as filing fees for filing a case with the court), you will likely have to pay those fees. Keep in mind that legal officers cannot provide you with the full range of legal assistance you need.

For example, the military lawyer will not usually represent you in court. If you need more help than the military legal counsel can offer you, he or she may be able to put you in touch with a non-military lawyer who can represent you pro bono (free of charge) or for a fee. Be aware of this and get what you are entitled to. Stay up-to-date on all the legal benefits available to you as a member, veteran or spouse and receive updates directly to your inbox by subscribing to Military.com. The ABA provides a resource for legal aid military lawyers, the ABA Pro Bono Military Project, which helps legal officers easily connect their clients with pro bono lawyers who are represented free of charge. The ABA Pro Bono Military Project, administered by the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP), accepts recommendations from legal officers on behalf of junior recruits, serving military personnel, and their families facing civil law issues, and works to refer these cases to pro bono lawyers. The project is also the platform for Operation Stand-By, through which military lawyers and other pro bono lawyers can seek lawyer-to-lawyer advice. View the 2020 U.S. Army Pay Rolls for all active duty ranks, as well as reserve and guard components. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that the military legal counsel may be limited in what they can do to help you with a legal issue, and the lawyer may need to refer you to a civilian lawyer. so that you can completely solve your problem. Your financial support for the ABA`s pro bono military project will help ensure our soldiers receive the legal assistance they need.

A big thank you to our star rating supporters! JAG officials keep all conversations and transactions with clients strictly confidential, as required by professional liability rules. If an office of the JAG cannot help you, they will refer you to a specialist lawyer if necessary, usually through a local lawyer placement service. The Disability Award is paid to veterans who are disabled as a result of an injury or illness that occurred or was aggravated during active service. Congress and the White House have proposed a 3.0% wage increase for 2021 to keep pace with inflation. What will he do with yours? Submit case referrals for eligible soldiers to the Military Pro Bono Project, which works to forward cases to volunteer lawyers in the United States. If you are a lawyer and would like to volunteer, or if your organization is interested in becoming a member or partner of IL-AFLAN, click on the link below. Legal Officers can register to use these services: VA`s current disability rates show compensation for veterans with a disability rate of 10% or more. Learn more.

Contact Civil Lawyers registered with Operation Stand-By for lawyer-to-lawyer advice so you can continue to support your clients. IL-AFLAN is a project of the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation. Veterans Services Project Toolkit for Volunteer Law Societies Legal aid is provided based on available resources and staff. State Bar members who assist in three pro bono cases are eligible for CLE vouchers and other recognitions from the Georgia State Bar.