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Ministry of Health Laws

2 (1) Deputy ministers of the Ministry and other employees who are required to deal with the affairs of the Ministry may be appointed in accordance with the Public Service Act. 5 The Ministry, under the direction of the Minister, is responsible for all matters relating to public health and publicly administered health insurance programs. (a) Develop, implement, monitor or evaluate a programme or activity authorized under a health law; 8 At the request of the Minister, the Minister of Finance shall pay any money necessary for the administration or purposes of this Act. (2) The Minister may delegate in writing any or all of the powers, duties or functions conferred or imposed by law. 2. A public sector body that receives a request for personal data under this Section: Where the public sector body has custody or control of the personal data, provide the personal data in the manner and form requested and within the requested time limit. (iii) the definition of a term used in the definition of «management purposes»; (2) Despite the Public Service Act, but subject to the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the Minister may recruit and retain advisors, experts or specialists and fix their remuneration.