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My Sisters Place Legal

CLS provides legal advice and representation in the following areas: Currently, My Sisters` Place offers remote services. Call (914) 683-1333 or (914) 358-0333 for a legal admission appointment. My Sisters` Place provides legal advice to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, stalking and sexual assault in Westchester County. The Family Law Department assists victims of domestic violence in family law matters such as protection orders, custody, visitation, child support and appeals. The Immigration Service assists migrant victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, criminal harassment and sexual assault to submit self-petitions under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), abuse waivers, U-visas, T visas, special juvenile immigrant status, public benefits and other immigration matters. Support for court advocacy and legal system advice. CLS Avocats provides free and trauma-informed legal representation to clients of all genders in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Our staff of experienced lawyers and paralegals ensure security and confidentiality, representing clients of all sexual orientations, races, socio-economic backgrounds and education. CLS serves customers in their preferred language at several locations in County Westchester.Si we are unable to take a case, we will provide callers with referrals to our local partner agencies. My Sisters Place works to end domestic violence and human trafficking through free education, awareness, confidential support, and legal services throughout Westchester County, NY. Information and mediation Contact with other relevant agencies My Sistersâ Place works to end domestic violence and human trafficking through comprehensive services, advocacy and community building. 1 Water Street White Plains, NY 10601 USA Here are some stories of safety achieved, finding hope and changing lives.

«I credit the hotline for saving my life from an abuser and giving me the facts I needed in an emergency to equip me to get out.» Emergency advocacy workers are available 24 hours a day to provide support and information to victims of sexual assault. Individual crisis counselling and long-term assistance My Sister`s Place (MSP) is a shelter for abused women and their children. Our mission is as follows: MSP is an interactive community dedicated to the elimination of domestic violence. We offer secure and confidential hosting; Programs; Education; and advocacy for women victims of violence and their children. Our goal is to empower women to take control of their own lives. MSP uses a positive youth development framework when working with students. Life`s 6 Critical Messages align with our approach to making young people feel cared for, believed and trustworthy. Vocational training Promotion of assistance to victims in all areas Domestic violence is pervasive. We are proud to serve survivors in Westchester County and beyond! Community Education Information programs for all ages Emergency shelter for victims and their children Toll-free: 24-hour hotline (202) 529-5991 At MSP, listening to the voice of our customers to ensure security and peace is at the forefront of our approach.