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Navy Legal Dam Neck

To achieve the highest level of fleet readiness, we anticipate, develop and provide the most effective specialized training and support services in response to fleet demands. We foster a culture of leadership that fosters personal and professional growth, empowerment and innovation. The Dam Neck site is located on Virginia`s Atlantic coast, near where Jamestown`s first settlers landed and where the notorious Blackbeard and other pirates are believed to have buried treasure. This area was also the site of Revolutionary War battles, Blue and Gray clashed during the Civil War, and German U-boats sank American ships a few meters from the beach during World War II. Home to the Naval Training Center of Excellence for attack group training, the Dam Neck Annex is part of the largest Oceana Naval Air Station. The Dam Neck Annex is primarily a specialized training base and provides support services to Naval Air Station Oceana as well as other naval facilities in the area. Each year, more than 20,000 students attend training at the Dam Neck Annex in more than 200 courses, including war and intelligence training. The Dam Neck Annex is also responsible for providing surveillance and maritime domain awareness information to the Atlantic Fleet. The Dam Neck Annex is also home to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, commonly known as DEVGRU (widely known as «SEAL Team Six»), which serves as the naval component of the Joint Special Operations Command. Welcome to NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex. Dam Neck is located on the Atlantic coast, five miles south of the resort town of Virginia Beach. Dam Neck has 3.2 miles of some of Virginia`s most beautiful beaches and encompasses more than 1,100 acres of uplands, swamps, coastal beaches, and sand dunes. The Dam Neck Annex was established in 1941 as an anti-aircraft training ground and continues to provide training and testing services to the Navy.

The Dam Neck Annex is home to the Dam Neck Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center and is located about 5 miles south of Virginia Beach. The Dam Neck Annex covers 1,700 acres in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is located south of I-264 E on U.S. Route 58. The Dam Neck Annex supports a population of approximately 5,600 active, dependent and civilian employees.