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Nh Licensing Rules

As part of its extensive work in the area of child care, the Public Health Law Center has reviewed child custody licensing laws to determine how the setting is defined and regulated. The review also identifies public health requirements for child care providers (diet, active play, screen time restrictions, etc.). This resource identifies the child care licensing language that affects screen time in child care settings. Click here to search for licensing history and inspection reports for a child care program. In addition, the CCLU issues licenses, takes enforcement action when necessary for compliance and child protection, and provides advice and technical assistance to understand the program`s licensing rules. This resource compares scientific best practices to New Hampshire`s child care licensing conditions on healthy eating, active play and screen time limits. To see this analysis in an interactive map of 50 states, click here. Child care providers are important partners in supporting healthy child development. New Hampshire requires licensing of certain child care providers, and licensing requirements include regulations on various quality measures, including nutritious eating and active play. Need more information about state laws? Learn more about the laws you live in.

A youth driver`s license allows teens under 18 in New Hampshire to drive between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m. Holders of a youth driver`s license are not allowed to drive between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. During the first six months of the driving licence, drivers may not drive with more than one passenger under the age of 25 unless accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 25. The number of seat belts is limited to the number of seat belts. Special Deer Archery: This permit allows a person to take a second deer during the archery season. This permit must be obtained at the same time as the acquisition of the archery licence. It cannot be purchased later.

With this license, a second deer tag for archery is issued. At the examination centre, a written knowledge test and an eye exam must be passed. The youth operating licence is valid until the holder`s 21st birthday. Combination of hunting and fishing licences: Includes hunting and freshwater fishing privileges. Does not include saltwater fishing privileges. Non-Wild Donations: This program allows you to donate money to the Department of Game and Fish to use for priority fish and wildlife conservation programs. The Child Care Licensing Unit (CCLU) ensures that children participating in NH child care programs are housed in a safe and healthy environment. CCLU also oversees NH child care programs to ensure children receive care, supervision, and developmental activities that meet each child`s physical and emotional needs. Wildlife Heritage Donation: This is a program to promote fishing and/or wildlife management in the state with the Landowners Relationship Program, which aims to access private land for hunters and anglers.

Safety Training Requirements for Hunters: Under state law, anyone wishing to purchase a hunting, archery, or trapping license must complete the appropriate hunter, archery, or trapper training course, or provide a similar license previously issued. Learn more. To obtain an original young driver`s licence, applicants must do the following: If you are under 21 years of age and convicted of a motor vehicle offence, your licence will be suspended for the following minimum periods: Pheasant: This permit allows a person to hunt pheasants during pheasant season. An NH combined hunting, hunting and fishing license, small game or archery license is also required. How do I report concerns about a child care provider? Clam and Oyster Permit: Available only to New Hampshire residents. The season is limited. For more information, see Saltwater Fishing Digest. A mold permit is required from 6 years old.

Oyster permits are required for all ages. A permanent mussel and oyster permit is available free of charge to all New Hampshire residents 68 years of age and older (at Fish and Game headquarters or Regional Offices 1 and 2 only). General information: A general hunting, fishing or archery permit is not required for minors under 16 years of age. However, minors must purchase the following special licenses: special archery deer, turkey license, bear license and M units and L units special deer tags. Non-resident minors under the age of 16 must also obtain a muzzle loading permit. Minors are not required to pay wildlife habitat fees or submit a Crop Information Survey (HIP). Wildlife Habitat Fees: Anyone wishing to bring wildlife to New Hampshire must pay this fee annually. The $2.50 fee must be paid ONCE a year by those purchasing a combined hunting and fishing licence, hunting licence, archery licence, small game licence or 3-day small game licence. EXCEPTIONS: minors, holders of permanent licenses and licensees for life. Residency Requirement: A New Hampshire resident is an individual who holds a valid NH driver`s license or non-driver photo ID issued by the NH State Motor Vehicle Division and does not claim residency in any other state for any purpose. The CCLU provides monitoring and inspection reports for each site visit of a child care program.

CCLU achieves this through on-site assessments, checks and investigations that ensure compliance with NH rules. This report indicates whether there have been any health and safety breaches and whether the measures that child care programs have implemented or will implement to correct the violations. The CCLU is currently publishing surveillance and inspection reports for the past three years, which are available to families and the program. Other reports from the past can be obtained from the CCLU. Wild Turkey: This permit allows a person to hunt turkey during the opening season. A hunting, archery or NH combined license is also required. There is a spring and fall season for Turkey with separate weapons requirements (see NH Hunting Digest for details). Two labels are issued with this permit for the spring and/or fall season. Saltwater fishing: An NH saltwater recreational fishing license is required for an $11 fee for individual anglers 16 years of age and older who participate in the recreational saltwater fish fishery for fish in New Hampshire`s coastal and estuarine waters (residents and non-residents require a license).

Bear: This permit allows a person to hunt bears during bear season. A hunting, archery or NH combined license is also required. A separate bear counter is issued. Unit M Special Deer Permits: Learn more about applying for a permit to house an additional antlerless deer in the Wildlife Management Unit M. Freshwater Fishing License: Allow the removal of all species from the state`s freshwater. Temporary 1-, 3- and 7-day fishing licences are available for non-residents, intended dates of use are requested at the time of purchase and dates must be consecutive. One-day licenses are also available for NH residents. Hunting: This license authorizes a person to take wild animals (including small game) during the open season; With this license, a deer tag is issued. Harvest Summaries: Summaries of statistics for the recently completed hunting season for deer, bears, moose, turkeys and fur carriers are available in the Annual Wildlife Harvest Summary and for small game in the Small Game Summary Report.

Elk hunting: Elk hunting is only possible with special permission. Migratory waterfowl: This permit must be obtained by anyone wishing to hunt migratory waterfowl (ducks and geese). A valid NH hunting, wetsuit or small game license; A federal waterfowl stamp (available at the post office) and a Harvest Information Survey permit number are also required. Lost Licence: A reprint of a lost or destroyed licence for the current year must be requested from the licence agent from which the original licence was purchased or from Fish and Game in Concord. If at least one week has passed since purchase from a licensing agent, the license can be reprinted from the online license sales page. There is no charge for reprints, but there is a limit to the number of reprints allowed.