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The Catavento Museum is a delight for children and adults. Interactive, entertaining and very informative, Catavento offers a full day of tours and experiences that take us into the world of science, all surrounded by games and lots of laughter. The Catavento can be explored on your own, but it is also possible to take guided tours through exclusive sessions and experiences. To do this, you need to recover the password for sessions that take place throughout the day. On weekends, the program is played and the museum is very crowded. Plan for an early arrival. Passwords are always handed out at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, but the museum is super interesting even without the special guided tours. Well, if you want, write down on a piece of paper the things you most want to do from this list and do it! Meeting places, food to try, clothes to buy — why not, rs?, songs to listen to, lessons to do (…). The truth is, you can make lists on anything really cool! From home, virtual tours of more than 1,200 institutions around the world can be taken. So you learn a lot, don`t stand in front of the queues and don`t pay for tickets.

Some notes: British Museum – London, Galleria Uffizi – Florence, Pinacoteca di Brera – Milan, Vatican Museum – Rome, Archaeological Museum – Athens, Prado Museum – Madrid, Louvre Museum – Paris, Metropolitan Museum – NYC, Natonal Gallery Of Art Washington and Hermitage – St. Petersburg. Paulistanos` favourite garden, Ibirapuera Park enchants with its large green area, well-kept spaces and a large number of free attractions. In addition to the possibility of enjoying the park to run, pedal, skate or pic, the visitor has the choice between several cultural centers. Highlight the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), the incredible Afro Brazil Museum, the Biennial Foundation and the Ibirapuera Auditorium, which constantly offers free programs and at popular prices. It is also worth visiting the Prof. Aristotle Orsini Planetarium, recently reopened to the public, and the Hollow of Ibirapuera, which hosts fairs and temporary events. As if that were not enough, it is always possible to extend the visit to the USP Museum of Contemporary Art, next to Ibirapuera and with a beautiful view of the park. A complete package for some of the most beautiful places in MS. Change furniture, remove forgotten clothes from the closet, arrange drawers, put a good cloth on the floor and so on. In addition to leaving the house shiny, you`ll be exercising – which boosts the production of serotonin, the happiness neurotransmitter! Antique shops and second-hand shops are available throughout the city of São Paulo.

Some fairs concentrate good finds and are delicious tours, especially for those who like to pivot and shop exclusively. The tour is worth it, even if you fill the suitcase with new acquisitions, but of course, it`s still worth haggling over for the piece you won`t find anywhere else. Three good options for antique fairs are MASP, Bixiga and Benedito Calixto. It is possible to find everything from jewelry and clothing to decorative objects and furniture. Not to mention vinyls, books, postcards and anything else that could interest everyone. It doesn`t have to be something gigantic, it can be a blog, a healthy habit, a simple act that the world can also be worth! Just bet on something that will make you happy and bring cool results for your self-esteem. Hikes and guided tours are a great opportunity to get to know cities around the world with the help of a local and, of course, make new friends during the trip. And in São Paulo, it is possible to do some of these tours for free. You work in the «pay as much as it is» system, that is, you pay as much as you think is fair for the service. Many tours are aimed at foreigners, with guides who speak Spanish or English. Maybe it`s not a good opportunity to practice another language? I did the tour in Spanish and it was excellent! The main routes of the tours pass through the historic center, Vila Madalena and Paulista Avenue, where some of the most important attractions of São Paulo are located.

Create playlists on Spotify, learn how to fix things on the Internet, embroider, write, dance, practice a new language, start a class, take time to help others, walk with your friends` pets or your building, solve crossword puzzles, draw or paint. After passing the CCBB, be sure to visit the Bovespa Museum, where you can feel a bit of the intense world of finance. You can even sit on investors` chairs and try to make offers. All lies, of course! The old saying goes: «Empty spirit, workshop of the devil!» And since no one wants to risk going through this, the best advice is to correct what to do in moments of inactivity. So you went to move this little life there? It`s time! Ibirapuera is not the only park in São Paulo. Quite the contrary. The city offers several green spaces for residents and some of them are very small oases in the middle of the cement world. So make sure you know about other parks if you`re looking for things to do in São Paulo. The Botanical Garden is particularly interesting for its variety of gardens and beautiful walking areas.

It is even possible to hike in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and visit the source of the Ipiranga River. The whirlwind that is the city of São Paulo can give a big knot in the minds of tourists visiting the capital of São Paulo. For those who arrive half lost in SP, do not know what to do, what are the best places to visit or the main attractions of São Paulo, we have prepared a special article with 26 tips to enjoy São Paulo almost for free! There are more than 50 attractions that allow you to explore one of the largest cities in the world without spending almost anything, with several tips on what to do in São Paulo for free. If you make the line that always saves on travel and know several tips on where to go to São Paulo for free, let us know in the comments! The more we save, the better! São Paulo and tourism are all about it. Don`t waste time and write down all the tips on what to do in São Paulo and where to go. Maybe we won`t meet at Paulista`s! The two rooms, designed to preserve the memory of Brazilian art and architecture, are not among São Paulo`s best-known attractions, but are certainly a must for those who are fans of beautiful architectural projects and beautiful gardens. Located in the middle of the Morumbi villas, Lina Bo Bardi`s glass house and the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation are delightful tours for those who want to see a São Paulo off the road from the most popular attractions. If you`re looking for another MS program, this is a great tip! You can even just start with spices such as basil and rosemary, and then move on to tomatoes, lettuce, carrots.

Maybe you have a green thumb?! Kane. Farming can become a hobby and you`ll eat delicious, healthy, pesticide-like things. Some plants can grow during quarantine, such as watercress, which takes about 10 days to harvest; chives, average 21 days; Radishes, 22 days and so on. It is even possible to weave germs through cereals such as wheat, sunflower, lentils and beans. In this regard, you can also take care of a flower or other plants that can help decorate the house. How about you? What do you like to do for free in São Paulo? Tell us here. The longer the list, the better! And if you weren`t able to travel last year, you may not take advantage of the 2023 holidays to enjoy São Paulo. Discover the promotions of flight tickets to São Paulo. There are many video lessons that can help you, you see? Drawing, painting, folding, crochet. The possibilities are numerous. The best way to enjoy time during quarantine is to do something you «wouldn`t have time to do» on normal days.

Take a day off to take care of your skin and hair. Take the opportunity to make a bubble bath, wear face masks. And all this can be enhanced by creating a mood with candles and background music. It`s the mood to perfection. If you`ve put ideas in your files, it`s time to implement them. What matters is paving the way for the plan to work! SESC Pompeia`s space goes far beyond a cultural centre. The place welcomes at all times artists and a public interested in living art. It is a center to chat, exchange experiences, drink coffee, watch exhibitions, participate in live shows, listen to good music, watch plays and for those who have more time, even for some workshops. It`s a constant cultural hustle and bustle. Take it easy to enjoy everything.

And if the schedule is respected, come early! Tickets sell out quickly. Given the current scenario, blood banks need donors. Stocks are in a critical phase. So if you don`t have flu symptoms, are between 18 and 69 years old and weigh at least 50 kg, go to a blood bank near you and donate as soon as possible. Encourage your network to do this, after all, self-care is collective. Saving is always a great choice for travelers who like to take on the world.