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Ocr a Level Law Essay Structure

To pass your LLB, you need to be proactive in class – if you don`t fully understand a particular aspect, ask the teacher to help you immediately. Never leave a lesson thinking, «What was it about?» or «I`ll learn it later?» – get to the bottom of your questions in the lesson. This way, you will reduce both your workload and your stress when it comes to the exam period. I will now explain the two types of essay structures I recommend, and then explain what AO2 assessment requires. However, there are two test structures that I think are the best because they really require you to include a consistently developed AO2 assessment, and they also work well with a structured review. Before you get there, you need to understand the difference between general and specific questions. So, in the example of the Plato question, you could only get AO1 notes for your explanation of Plato. You can absolutely put Aristotle in this essay if you want, but you can only get AO2 notes for it. This is because Aristotle can only be useful for a specific question about Plato to help you evaluate Plato. Structure of the test model to respond to a 25-point essay on the nature of law for OCR A Level Law Paper 3 — The Nature of Law and Contract Law. Really detailed test designs on natural law, situational ethics, utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, and preference utilitarianism.

Can be used for any theoretical dissertation question as assessment points can be adjusted. Contains many scholars. Therefore, it is important that you can identify a particular question to ensure that you include the AO1 explanation of what the question is about in as much detail as possible in your essay. So master the papers passed in time conditions and you will be well prepared. Always make a brief plan before you start your essay and consider possible points based on the argument – rather than a description of what happened. This type of structure works well for specific issues, as you can simply eliminate the important AO1 and then focus on the assessment. If you have problems, it is important that you know the law. Provided that you discuss the relevant law applicable to the scenario, you must apply the law to the facts with reference to the business. One structure that works here is that applied ethical issues are also easier to accomplish with this structure. You will obtain the AO1 explanation of the ethical theory and its application to the ethical question(s) before evaluating the application of this theory (sometimes by critical comparison with the application of another theory) in paragraphs 2 and 3.

An extremely detailed test plan on natural law, with a large structure that combines information and analysis. Even if your question is different, it will be really helpful to earn evaluation points for this topic! This can be applied both at the paragraph level with a broader conclusion at the end and in the essay as a whole. I am a postgraduate law student studying to become a lawyer. The resources I sell in my business have helped me get an A* in my A level in law. Each template contains a comprehensive structure for answering essay and scenario questions covering both law and application. If the essay question selects a specific sub-topic to be assessed, paragraph 1 should begin with that topic. Some essay questions are general and others are specific. Summarize the evaluative judgments you arrived at in your essay and explain the general conclusion that follows. In addition, an excellent review resource is the use of websites specifically designed to revise Level A laws. Some examples are listed below: Revision is most effective when you review your material over a long period of time in a distraction-free zone.

From a legal point of view, it is not surprising that the Abitur requires a large amount of information to remember accurately. This type of structure lends itself well to general questions. For example, if you have a general question about the soul, for example, «Does the soul exist?» [40] You could do: There are many ways to structure your legal essay to impress your examiner and get top marks. Here are some examples of effective structures: Also, with a difficult essay-based topic like law, organizing your time for past work is a must. Unlike many other topics, you can essentially guess the possible questions that will arise in your exam because they are very similar each year. This type of writing plan divides AO1 and AO2. The first paragraph is simply completely pure AO1. The goal is to get all the detailed knowledge you need for your completed test in paragraph 1. This is simply because you don`t have the unnecessary burden of thinking about how to divide AO1 into different parts to start each paragraph. The most important thing to say about the test structure is that there are many types of test structures that work.