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Sf Court Local Rules

(a) [Weapons and recording devices] Weapons, tape recorders or electronic monitoring devices shall not be brought to the family court office or to family court mediation. (b) [Referrals to Counsel] If a party requests a referral to a lawyer, the mediator does not make a referral from a private lawyer, but informs the party that the family law mediator`s services are available. (c) [Abuse of process; The Tribunal may impose sanctions on parties and counsel for abuse of the mediation process, including, but not limited to, failure to properly schedule mediation, failure to provide the required notice, failure to cooperate appropriately in mediation planning, and failure to participate in properly scheduled mediation. (d) [Mediator Conflicts of Interest] Without full disclosure and consent, a mediator may not participate in mediation if there is or existed a lawyer-client or psychotherapist-patient relationship between the mediator and a party or counsel. (b) The following expenses shall be considered by the court to be operating expenses and shall not normally be recoverable: In cases involving a criminal investigation, an application for account approval must include the amount of appraisals paid by the judicial investigator, as well as the amount due and due. A receipt of payment must be submitted, unless the trustee has obtained a resolution postponing or cancelling the payment of the assessment. (c) [Counsel on file] The registered lawyer must in any event be present in person at all scheduled hearings, unless the court gives prior leave of absence. The award of fees in excess of the fees provided for in the table for lawyers, diagnosticians or other court-appointed legal service providers is at the discretion of the court if the plaintiff duly and sufficiently demonstrates necessity or justification, unless otherwise provided by law. (a) [Application for Review] A judgement creditor shall apply for an order directing the debtor or a third party to appear for examination in accordance with article 708.110 or 708.120 of the Code of Civil Procedure using Form EJ-125 (or its successor) of the Conseil de la magistrature.

It is the responsibility of the judgement creditor to complete the portion of the form relating to the proposed order, including the date and time of the examination hearing, and to verify whether the court is available for questioning at that time. Examinations are carried out in the department to which the file is assigned. An individual must be named in the review decision on behalf of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other corporation, unless the court orders otherwise for cause. (b) [Appearance of counsel to confirm sale] When receiving applications for confirmation of the sale of real estate and sale of personal property, if the offers are admissible, the court will not normally confirm the sale in the absence of the registered lawyer. (a) [ex parte application without appearance] «Non-appearance» ex parte applications relate to matters that are not contested and routine and are not subject to specific notification rules in the Succession Code. (a) [Criminal cases] Except as permitted by section 977 (b) of the Criminal Code, a defendant in criminal proceedings shall be present in person at all scheduled appearances and at any other time ordered by the court. No criminal proceedings or hearings may be cancelled or continued without the presence of the accused in open court. With the exception of offences requiring a court appearance, the defendant may waive the right to be charged with the offence and plead not guilty at the counter, by telephone or over the Internet through the court`s automated systems. The Registrar will set a hearing date within the time limits set out in section 1382 of the Criminal Code, unless the defendant waives this right on the form provided by the Registrar. (3) Courtesy copies. The court may, by order, require service of courtesy copies of documents filed electronically on paper.