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Simple Definition for Triumvirate

The fifth, a nano-tech zombie novel called Biohell, which features your favorite psychotic triumvirate Combat K, will be released in November 2008. With these piercies are allied, And as three heads unite in one purpose, And appoint a triumvirate, divide the country into triple government. Samuel Daniel, Civil War. But it was the major triumvirate of «Girlfriend» in 1991, «Altered Beast» in 1993 and «100% Fun» in 1995 that made Mr. Sweet one of the revolutionary alternative bands of the time. It`s perhaps no surprise that the most comprehensive games in this space come from the triumvirate of cloud services, with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon each making significant strides in recent months. A triumvirate is a group of three people who share power. In America`s early days, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison formed a triumvirate—three men whose leadership helped shape America. Although he was not directly involved in the assassination of Caesar, one of the names intended for execution was that of Cicero. Some believe that Octavian tried to keep his name off the list, but his writings (his Philippians condemning Antony) did not earn him any favors.

Cicero had always lived according to a personal code — the greatest good was to live in the service of the state and to oppose anyone who threatened it. He firmly believed that Antony was an enemy of the state and should have been killed with Caesar. Antony was never one to be in an indulgent mood, and certainly not to neglect Cicero`s frankness. Cicero became one of the first victims of the triumvirate. He was caught trying to escape from his villa outside Naples. His hands, which had written the derogatory essays, were symbolically cut off, while his head was beheaded and sent to Rome, where he was nailed to the tribune of the Forum. In addition to Cicero, Decimus was another important conspirator who failed in his attempt to join Brutus in Macedonia. It was Decimus who had convinced the sick Caesar to appear in the temple of Pompey, where he would be assassinated. After being captured and beheaded in Gaul, his head was sent to Antony.

During this triumvirate of kings, Henry VII of England, Francis I of France and Charles, the fifth emperor of Germany, none of the three could gain a palm tree of land, but the other two would compensate for that. Francis Bacon, Essays. Lepidus, the third member of the triumvirate whom Augustus had called from Africa to support him, considered himself so important as commander of twenty legions. He violently demanded the highest place in government. Augustus stole his legions, and although he successfully pleaded for his life, Lepidus spent what remained of it in constant exile at Circei. (58) The first step was persuasion; But when that failed, the triumvirate was ready to use force. A triumvirate of bearish construction in EIA`s weekly reports is driving the overnight reversal in crude oil prices as fears of escalating tensions are eased. From distant regions sends happinessA strange triumvirate of friends. Jonathan Swift. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word «triumvirate.» The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. NBCUniversal, meanwhile, could push its parent company Comcast to combine Quibi`s mobile video service with Comcast`s Xfinity Flex connected TV platform and NBCUniversal`s Peacock streamer in a triumvirate.

The other component of the adaptation triumvirate is dreaded rationality, hard work, and planning in bad taste. Nglish: Translation of the triumvirate for Spanish speakers The leadership triumvirate at Court Avenue will be filled by CEO Michael Stich, another WPP veteran who also brings strategic consulting experience from his time at McKinsey. «The top 25 ad sellers in 2016 grew from 46 percent of total ad share to 66 percent in 2020,» Wieser noted, largely because of this digital triumvirate. Despite continued victories in the East, the triumvirate`s days were numbered. In 37 BC, Lepidus was kept out of the renewal of the coalition. Although he helped against Pompey, his continued failure in battle led to him being exiled by Octavian to Circea the following year. Suetonius wrote: After many people on the enemies list were eliminated, the trio turned to Brutus, Cassius, and Sextus Pompey. In June 42 BC, Brutus and Cassius met in Sardis, western Anatolia.

With Lepidus in Sicily, Octavian and Antony crossed the Adriatic and met the two conspirators at Philippi in eastern Macedonia to fight. As Octavian was ill, Antony won easily; Cassius, fearing capture, was beheaded, but Brutus wanted to have him secretly buried. Brutus escaped, only to commit suicide later. Sextus Pompey, son of the legendary General Pompey, was initially banned under the Lex Pedia. He fled to Sicily and eventually made a pact with the triumvirate. Later, Octavian reconsidered the pact, believing that Pompey had betrayed him and captured and executed the young commander. As with the surviving members of the first triumvirate, Mark Antony and Octavian eventually rekindled their mutual dislike. Much of this discontent centered on Cleopatra. After the death of Antony`s first wife, Fulvia, he married Octavia`s sister, Octavia. Now Antony`s attention was focused away from Octavia and on the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. He believed that their money would help fund a war against Octavian. After that, Alexandria became the new capital, replacing Rome.

Octavian had never loved Cleopatra very much, mainly because of her relationship with Caesar and the birth of her son Caesarion. He considered Antony incompetent and sick with love and questioned the queen`s influence on him. Thus, instead of waging war on Antony, Octavian asked the Senate to declare war on Cleopatra. In other words, AT&T built its advertising business around the triumvirate DirecTV-WarnerMedia-Xandr. In October 43 BC, Lepidus and Antony met with Octavian near Bononia to form a triumvirate — a constitutional commission — with powers similar to those of a consul. While the regular day-to-day functions of the government continued as usual, its sole purpose was to restore the stability of the republic. This new authority allowed them to legislate without the consent of the Roman Senate. The triumvirate was established in November 43 BC.

AD officially recognized by the Senate in the Lex Titia, granting the trio supreme authority for five years (until January 1, 37 BC) and entrusting them with the important task of hunting down the conspirators, especially Brutus and Cassius. As for the conspirators, the three had little intention of pardoning anyone, and soon a public decree was issued condemning 300 senators and more than 2,000 Roman knights or equines. Executioners were sent. Many of those on the enemy list decided to flee the city, leaving all their belongings behind. The sale of the confiscated property was then used to finance the hunt. A triumvirate is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each of whom is a triumvir. The agreement can be formal or informal, and although the three are usually the same on paper, in reality this is rarely the case. The term can also be used to describe a state with three different military leaders, all claiming to be the sole ruler.

Beyond this triumvirate, I have a hard time remembering anything or anyone who is truly remarkable. Vandyke, Reynolds, Titian – he considered them the great triumvirate of portraiture. The prefix tri means «three», so it makes sense that the triumvirate refers to a group of three. In this case, all three are powerful men who share authority. The word comes from ancient Rome, where two groups of three important men shared power over the Roman Republic. The first triumvirate consisted of Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great and Marcus Licinius Crassus, and the second triumvirate consisted of Mark Antony, Lepidus and Octavian. After the death of founder Avraham Stern, Shamir became a member of Lehi`s ruling triumvirate. As a member of the triumvirate, consisting of Antony, Lepidus, and himself, Augustus (Octavian) defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi, although he was in poor health at the time. In the first of the two battles, he was expelled from his camp and escaped.

After the second and decisive, he showed no indulgence towards his defeated enemies. (56) In order to secure the favor of the people, he abolished the laws of the triumvirate and reformed many abuses.