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When Was It Legal to Travel to Cuba

Read on to learn more about how to travel to Cuba LEGALLY. Most of the places on the list are hotels or tour operators, so you can plan ahead to make sure you avoid them. Staying at Casas Particulares is a great way to make sure you don`t stay at a hotel on the list and have a rewarding cultural experience with a local family. You can book casas particulares on sites like booking.com or Airbnb. In April 2019, Donald Trump further tightened restrictions by expanding the «short list,» further limiting Americans` ability to stay in Cuban hotels, rent cars, or spend money at a partially Cuban military-owned establishment. Tour operators are being vetted by the U.S. government to ensure their itineraries comply with the new policy — but it`s not yet clear how aggressively travel will be monitored or audits applied. Trump`s rules will make travel to Cuba much more expensive and mandatory, but it won`t change your ability to connect with locals, enjoy a beautiful country and vibrant culture, and have a wonderful trip. In July 2010, Newsweek magazine reported that a poll conducted by Andy Gomez, vice president at the University of Miami, found that 64 percent of Cuban-Americans in Miami now support unilaterally lifting the travel ban. However, until human rights violations on the island and democratic principles are restored, this Community`s support for the continuation of the embargo will not have diminished significantly. [13] [14] Instead of changing perceptions, former Democratic Senator Gary Hart criticized the ongoing embargo, noting, «Second-generation Cuban-Americans are finally beginning to change their community`s attitudes and make clear that they are no longer interested in holding powerful U.S.

foreign policy toward a small neighboring country hostage to their parents` wrath.» [15] A traveler is obliged to support the Cuban people and promote independent activities to strengthen civil society in Cuba. This is a stupid policy. There is no reason why we cannot be friends with Cubans and vice versa. Many of them have relatives in the United States, and some Americans have relatives in Cuba, so we should have the freedom to travel. We seem to think it is prudent to open the door to a billion communists in China, but for some reason we are afraid of dying Cubans. [16] In March 2020, COVID-19 hit the island and, like many countries around the world, Cuba`s tourism industry went into lockdown. In addition to the devastation caused by COVID-19, this year also marked the Trump administration`s latest policy moves to travel between the U.S. and Cuba.

In 2000, insightCuba received its specific license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury`s Office of Foreign Assets Control and pioneered as the first American to legally travel to Cuba as part of their tours of Cuba. Prepaid Cuba travel packages for small groups ensure that your trip to Cuba complies with U.S. legal requirements. Small-group tours organized by U.S. agencies are almost global, incredibly budget-friendly, and offer tons of cultural encounters in a short period of time, far more than the most die-hard traveler could organize on their own. And you`ll always be in the company of forward-thinking fellow Americans. In addition to restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba, Trump has also imposed significant restrictions on Cubans and Cuban-Americans, such as limiting the amount of money Cuban-Americans can send to relatives still living on the island. Remittances – which were previously unlimited in frequency and amount under the Obama administration – are now capped at $1,000 per person every three months. Persons authorized to travel to Cuba for certain authorized reasons no longer need to apply for permission to travel to Cuba.

In fact, those with approved «general licenses» to travel to the U.S. to Cuba can now fly directly to Cuba without travel restrictions. Are you interested in visiting Cuba legally? Contact me to learn more about my 2020 group tours in Cuba! I facilitate group tours to Cuba and for the past three years, «Can I still travel legally to Cuba?» is the most common question I receive. Travel restrictions for U.S. citizens seem to be constantly changing, but the information released by our government is consistently confusing. Many of us don`t even take receipts at checkout anymore. We simply do not want small bills to clutter our pockets and wallets. But when you travel to Cuba, you should take each receipt with you and keep it. Store them all neatly in one envelope and don`t lose them. Most likely, you won`t be asked questions about them, but if you ever are, you must have them.

According to the Ministry of Finance, which authorizes travel to Cuba, a traveler`s business plan must not include leisure or excess leisure. In 2017, Trump eliminated the ability for a single traveler to select the «person-to-person» classification on his travel form, chosen by most Americans who planned their own trips to Cuba under Obama in 2016 and 2017. However, it still allowed person-to-person group travel by travel agencies and cruise ships. What does that mean? This means that it is illegal for an American to hire a Cuban travel agency or take a Cuban tour bus or stay in a hotel in Cuba that is partly owned by the Cuban military. Hotels seem to be the biggest concern and source of confusion, as EVERY hotel in Cuba is at least partially owned by the Cuban government and many are also partially owned by the Cuban military. Again, ALL hotels are partly owned by the Cuban government, but not necessarily by the Cuban military, but you`d never know which one is what if you just look at the hotel. Will customs question you when you return to the United States, where you were in Cuba? Probably not. Will the U.S. government investigate? It`s too early to tell. It`s unclear how long it will take for the new guidelines to take effect, but your safest bet is to book through a travel agency that has experience organizing trips to Cuba and managing approved visa categories and itineraries. Stop booking your own flight and AirBnB and spend the days on the beach and nights at your leisure. While some people do, «vacations» in Cuba aren`t technically legal (and haven`t been in decades!), so it`s possible for solo travelers to get into trouble with the U.S.

government if they don`t properly follow vague U.S. government guidelines. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury enforces Cuban travel regulations. OFAC authorizes twelve subjects under which Americans may legally visit Cuba without government documents or prior authorization. The twelve categories are called «General License» trips. No license or actual paper will be issued. It is a system of honour. If the purpose of your trip to Cuba falls within one of the twelve pre-approved travel categories to Cuba, you can fly and visit Cuba. It`s as simple as that. Forty years after the Cuban Revolution, the Clinton administration announced measures to increase trade between Americans and Cubans. InsightCuba, a division of Cross-Cultural Solutions, is sending its first license application to the U.S.

Department of Foreign Assets Control to help Americans legally travel to Cuba and build close ties with the Cuban people.